The Taylor Duffle Bag, modelled by the lovely@notjustforchristmas. Pretty much the best accessory that works with any and every. outfit! Check out the page on @supermarket_sarah !!! #supermarketsarah #netteleathergoods #madeinlondon #saddlebag #leathergoods #leatherisbetter (at Cockpit Arts )

2 days ago

Patterson Tablet Case. Each one in a collection of 75 is number. It’s on the wall @supermarket_sarah. #supermarketsarah #netteleathergoods #handmade #madeinlondon #tabletcase

2 days ago

The Simple Satchel on sale now @supermarket_sarah check out the wall and click and buy. Simple! #supermarketsarah #netteleathergoods #madeinlondon #leatherbags #leathergoods (at Cockpit Arts )

2 days ago

Check me out in @supermarket_sarah wall this week! Got some lovely leather goods to sell. #netteleathergood #livewall #supermarketsarah #madeinlondon (at Cockpit Arts)

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New colour. Large Taylor Saddle. #chestnutbrown #netteleathergoods #Texas #newstockist (at Cockpit Arts)

5 months ago

It’s time to help a sista out! Vote for me to win a year of business mentoring, promotion for the brand and..wait for it…£10,000. It would help the growth of nette’ great. So what are you waiting for vote. Plus I’ll do another prize give away if you show show proof you voted you could win a new piece that isn’t even for sale yet.

Follow the link to vote.

Search Johnette’ Taylor: www. 


If you want to be in a chance to win a new piece in my travel collection, take a screen shot of your vote and post it on Twitter or Instagram #nettetowin and i’ll put your name in the raffle to win.

6 months ago

 Going through photos, this was a fun shoot!  

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Get your votes in folks. And get a chance to win some lovely prizes…

11 months ago

Look for the red envelope case on the Flyer. Then Vote. Happy Days.

Still a week to go, why not give it ago…and you can win a few lovely things.

x j 

11 months ago

Win £10,000 towards your business

Hey Lovely people! I need your votes big time! I want to win and Nette’ needs to win to offer you even better bags with some yummy packaging. So get on your computers and vote. Use all your random email addresses, tell all your friends, share with your co-workers, literally tell everyone you know. I will love you forever!!!!

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A few new bits and pieces.

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Bye-bye EWC.

1 year ago

I love LA!

1 year ago

Old fashion leather goods. By nette’. turned 2 today!

1 year ago

Campbell Wallet w. pocket.

Available in Brown, Red, Black and Tan.

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